If you are a Baystate employee (have a Baystate EN / PN#) before you can register for a course, you will need to authenticate and update your Continuing Education account.

Step 1: Log in 

→ Click "Login" in the upper right corner

→ Click "Login with your Baystate staff credentials" 
→ Enter your BH Network User ID and password
    You will be prompted to update your profile

Step 2: Update Your Profile

→ Click "update your profile" or "My Account"

  • Required fields are denoted by an asterisk (*)
  • If credentials are not applicable, please enter a period (.)
  • Click "Save" when complete
  • EthosCE provides text messaging technology to manage attendance, evaluation and credit. Attendance to Grand Rounds/RSSs will be processed by texting a code from your mobile phone.

Step 3:  Register Your Mobile Number

→ Click the "Mobile" tab, enter your 10-digit mobile phone number (excluding any dashes, parentheses, or spaces)      
→ Click "Confirm Number"
     A confirmation code will be sent by text to your mobile phone.

Enter your Confirmation Code
→ Click "Confirm Number"
→Click "Save"

For additional help updating your account, please email our BCIPE team.